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David Hurley

David & his daughter

David Hurley is a business blogger and owner of DavidHurley.net. He’s written The Ultimate Online Profit Formula and other business-related e-books.  He’s passionate about helping people create successful online businesses so they can break free and live their dreams.

In September 2018 he launched EliteDownlineBuilder – a fast growing membership site designed to generate multiple streams of online income through a single affiliate link.

David has made just about every online business mistake possible EXCEPT the biggest one – quitting! David did not give up and you don’t have to either. Just follow the steps to $1000 a month  that David and Alex show you in their eye-opening report, A Thousand A Month (now in it’s second edition for 2019 already).

David’s lives in Japan, with his wife and daughter where he continues to works as a freelance English teacher at a couple of colleges in Hiroshima.

During a typical day when he’s not teaching, David blogs, creates content, offers tips and learns from other Internet marketers. Whenever he can sneak away, you’ll find him reading a book or playing chess…

Alex Nordach

Alex Nordach, author of A Thousand A Month
Alex at the gym

Alex Nordach is the author of Target Tendonitis, an e-book which made over $1000 a month in Internet sales. He has been an internet marketer since 2009.

Before that, he was a US Marine, an SAT prep coach, a translator for a Fortune 500 company and a personal trainer in Los Angeles. He also ran a successful brick-and-mortar business in Japan.

When the World Wide Web took off, the lure of making money online was too strong for Alex to ignore. He found that with the right road-map, it’s much easier to make a good five-to-six-figure income online than off.

Alex is based in Hiroshima, Japan with his wife and child. They split their time between Japan, Thailand and various countries in Central and South America.

Alex and David invite you to step up your game and turn your online business dreams into reality. Together, they have created a blueprint to making $1000 a month online based on their combined experience as Internet marketers.

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