4th Edition of A Thousand A Month Was Released On 16th March 2021

A Thousand A Month by Alex Nordach and David Hurley is a 121 page guide to setting up an online business and building your profits up to $1000 a month.

More than a guide, it’s a blueprint to Internet business success.

Every page is packed with the information you need to succeed online, without any false promises of push-button millions.

Everything in the blueprint is based on our combined experience (totalling over 20 years) as Internet marketers.

We know that very few people make millions of dollars online. We also know that 95% fail to make a profit at all.

Yet, learning how to make $1000 a month online is a realistic goal. It breaks down to a daily profit of around $33.

With the right product and training you could hit that target with just one sale a day or less.

About the Authors

Alex Nordach is the author of Target Tendonitis, an e-book which made over $1000 a month in Internet sales. He has been an internet marketer since 2009. Before that, he was a US Marine, a SAT prep coach, a translator for a Fortune 500 company and a personal trainer in Los Angeles. He also runs a successful brick-and-mortar business in Japan.

David Hurley is a business blogger and owner of DavidHurley.net. He’s writes online business e-books such as "SFI Affiliate Success Handbook," and runs a cryptocurrency training course for beginners. He’s passionate about helping people create successful online businesses so they can break free and live their dreams.

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